Shades of Honour: Fools Mate - Afonso de Sousa

Shades of Honour: Fools Mate - Afonso de Sousa

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Autor: Afonso de Sousa
ISBN: 978-989-37-2254-1
páginas: 374
idioma: Português

The war has ended. Now the vultures draw near.

When King Balthazar of RedHilt first bowed to the Empire and their raiding hordes departed to subjugate the Great West, not a soul left alive trusted their troubles to be at an end.

In this land there are no heroes, and no good deed goes un­thwarted. His Majesty’s principles are outdated. His honour, a tool to be exploited by courtiers. Now, a cunning Duke comes forth, intent on offering the hand of his beloved daughter... Another family of vipers, no doubt, seeking a chance to pounce on a given advantage.

Ignorant of all things political, RedHilt’s common folk tend to their lives. But a threat much viler looms over the realm. There are whispers at the inland borders. Pagan devils of yore have returned to deliver long overdue justice.

…And should their cries go unheard, then RedHilt’s own will be forever drowned

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